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FIGURE Digital is an in-house digital creative agency, specialising in virtual reality experiences, augmented reality applications and digital production. We believe that in a world of rapidly changing tech, experience remains the foundation of all communication, bridging the gap between digital and physical realities.

Virtual Reality

FIGURE Digital is pioneering the use of virtual reality (VR) for companies and brands looking to create truly mind-expanding experiences. Using the very latest cutting-edge VR tech, such as the ground-breaking Oculus Rift, we are able to design and create fully immersive branded visual worlds to entertain, amaze and inform like never before.


Marks and Spencer Lookbook Augmented Reality

FIGURE Digital was the first agency in the United Kingdom to use virtual reality in marketing. Read More > Our latest high-profile VR campaign involved the design and development of a virtual Tesco's supermarket in October 2013, working as a preferred partner for TCC Global. “We plan to create virtual experiences for brands that advertisers could only have dreamed about only a few years ago,” says FIGURE Digital’s managing director, Ben Paterson. “We can now create 360-degree cinematic experiences and gamified interactive solutions that allow consumers to totally immerse themselves into a brand’s message.”< Read Less

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the world as we experience it. Our next generation AR applications take reality into an entirely new dimension. Here at FIGURE Digital we believe that great AR is simply the seamless merger of the digital with the real. We approach AR with a truly creative and innovative method, pushing the boundaries of usability and experience.

Abbott Pharmaceuticals

Marks and Spencer Lookbook Augmented Reality

FIGURE Digital came up with a groundbreaking digital solution Read More > tocommunicate Abbott Pharmaceuticals’ message at the Euro PCR 2013 convention in Paris. Combining augmented reality, a bespoke motion sensor and huge 100-inch LED screen, our incredibly immersive and exciting experience successfully demonstrated the two-year organic dissolution process of Abbot Pharmaceuticals newly released inter-veinal stents. Delegates at the convention were able to interact and play with the brands key message, while being totally transported to a new dimension. < Read Less

Headline Publishing

Marks and Spencer Lookbook Augmented Reality

In the midst of rush hour in Liverpool Street Station, passengers Read More > were greeted with a giant version of Martina Cole’s new book 'The Life'. The AR interactive experience that FIGURE Digital designed encouraged passers by to use a tablet or smartphone to see animated content and play with an augmented reality game, all of which came to life on the cover of the giant book. The same content also appears on the paperback book available worldwide. < Read Less

Double Your House

Marks and Spencer Lookbook Augmented Reality

The TV schedule is saturated with property improvement programs. Read More > To make a difference for Channel 4's 'Double Your House For Half The Money' (presented by Sarah Beeny) FIGURE Digital helped the broadcaster bring the show alive using AR. This marked an Augmented Reality UK TV first, something that we are particularly proud of, with over a million viewings per episode < Read Less

Marks & Spencer

Marks and Spencer Lookbook Augmented Reality

Marks & Spencers decided to revolutionise the ‘Lookbook’, Read More > the fundamental marketing tool of the fashion industry, and take it truly into the 21st century using augmented reality. As a crucial component within a national print campaign, using AR we were able to bring the models and clothes line to life like never before, encouraging the viewer to directly click to purchase from within the app. This successful national campaign was run for over three months. < Read Less

Digital Production

Whether it be state-of-the-art engaging AR apps, virtual 3D environments, visually-arresting projection maps for events or cutting-edge promotional movies, FIGURE Digital’s experienced crew and wide network of filmmakers are able to conceptualise and create the stunning content you need. Our content is always designed and developed to create the greatest and most memorable user experiences, keeping your customers engaged and helping to build your brand.

Courvoisier Craft app

Marks and Spencer Lookbook Augmented Reality

FIGURE Digital conceived and developed the Courvoisier Craft App. Read More > The app, based upon a virtual tour, allowed the user to experience the craft of Courvoisier like never before and enabled them to gain a unique insight into Courvoisier’s creation process. < Read Less

Britain’s Got Talent

Marks and Spencer Lookbook Augmented Reality

FIGURE Digital designed the stages and lighting for two Read More > of the major final performances of Britain’s Got Talent. With average viewing figures per episode of 14 million, BGT is one of TV's highest rated shows. Most excitingly, this also marked the first time that live projection mapping had been aired on British TV. < Read Less

Channel 4 production

Marks and Spencer Lookbook Augmented Reality

FIGURE Digital produced the whole GFX package, Read More > including the title sequence, for Channel 4's hit TV show 'Double Your House for Half the Money', which scored over 1.5 million views per episode. Over the course of this successful six-part series our team designed and created the 3D animated walkthroughs and virtual mock-ups of the proposed floor plans. < Read Less

ZEDD and Pendulum

Marks and Spencer Lookbook Augmented Reality

FIGURE Digital have been regularly commissioned to create unique Read More > projection mapped light shows for one of London’s most iconic night clubs at KOKO, creating bespoke material for superstar DJ acts such as ZEDD, Pendulum, Bassnectar and many more. With a huge lighting set which maximised the space of the stage, we were able to transform a traditional nightclub experience into a completely immersive environment, setting the way for the future of live music events. < Read Less


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